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Drupalcon 2010 links

Since I can't make it to San Francisco and I've seen people tweeting about videos I thought I'd make a list of links to these videos. However then I found that the session videos are being posted on the Drupalcon site anyway!


Initial thoughts on MODx

I'm a keen user of Drupal because it is so powerful and customisable. But sometimes you have a basic brochureware site that doesn't need to be powerful, it should just be easy to style, add content and images, change the sidebars and add forms. On first glance it appears that MODx could be such a system so I'm going to give it a go to find out ...

The pain of debugging in ie6

While we're all waiting to drop support for ie6 I thought I would have a look for any tools to make my life just that teeny bit easier. I've been using the ie developer toolbar for a while but today I found the script debugger.


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